Reasons to work with us.

For over sixty years Kingsbury has supplied the UK’s most advanced manufacturing sectors with high quality German machine tools.

From our spacious and well equipped facilities in Gosport, Hampshire, we offer a nationwide service, providing manufacturers with innovative machining solutions and comprehensive support, now with an expanded portfolio that also includes grinding machines. We have been privileged to work with many of the country’s most prestigious OEMs in all facets of industry including the big household names. We also have a loyal and expanding customer base of sub-contractors and machine shops that rely on our knowledge and experience to give them the competitive edge they need.

Lowest cost-per-part:

Our applications engineering expertise and cutting edge machine tools often allow us to develop innovative production solutions, machining your parts faster and more efficiently than the competition. Furthermore, our advanced machines not only reduce cycle times, set-up times and the need for secondary operations, they can also reduce other cost factors such as energy consumption and tool wear. It all adds up to providing you with the lowest possible cost-per-part, increasing your competitiveness and profitability.

Complete support:

When it comes to after-sales support, we understand the importance of working with a machine tool supplier on whom you can thoroughly rely. If your machine is forced offline for any reason, you need to know that the problem can be resolved quickly and with minimum disruption to your business. To that end, we operate a nationwide network of mobile Service Engineers, ensuring that we can be on your site within 24 hours. Find out more about our support service on the dedicated page.

Long term value:

When you choose to work with Kingsbury we don’t just think about your short-term needs. We understand how machine tools fit within the wider context of a manufacturing business and we aim to provide solutions that will add long term value to your organisation. If you’re considering one of our machines, we can perform a detailed productivity analysis based on the unique characteristics of your business. The results will make crystal clear the pros and cons of owning the machine throughout its entire lifetime, and demonstrate how our turnkey solutions can provide maximum ROI for your business whilst supporting your long term objectives for growth and expansion.

Famous German reliability:

We only work with the very best European manufacturers. Reliability is absolutely key for our customers and all the equipment supplied by Kingsbury is covered by a minimum 92% machine availability agreement. With the correct preventative maintenance regimes in place, we and our principals are happy to increase this figure to 96%. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.