“Our raison d’être is to add more value to customers’ AM production than our competitors can. We start this process by changing the mindset of prospective users with respect to any preconceptions they may have about production methods and then providing holistic counselling along the AM route.”

Vincent Ferreiro, CEO

At the beginning of 2018, we were appointed as the sole agent in the UK, Ireland and GCC (Gulf Coorporation Council) for AddUp, a leading manufacturer of additive (3D printing) machine tools. A major growth area for manufacturing, these systems are based exclusively on the powder bed fusion process, melting successive layers of metal using computer-controlled laser beams.

Intended for economical, uninterrupted production of large volumes of top-quality components, these highly-automated solutions allow the use of a varied range of materials, reduce waste, and produce lighter parts. These factors are the reason AddUp machines offer a ground-breaking alternative for the aerospace and automotive industries.

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