Sliding head lathes

Our sliding headstock lathes from TRAUB offer exceptional precision and accuracy in the machining of long, slim parts. With their ease of set-up, programming and maintenance, TRAUB sliding head lathes allow you to achieve excellent levels of productivity and economy. A variety of model variants are offered including ‘P’ designation models featuring the TRAUB TX8i-p control system, ‘9’ designation models with enhanced kinematics in the form of a counter spindle mounted on an X/Z cross slide, and ‘7B’ models featuring an additional B axis that enables the production of highly complex parts and complicated contour elements that require additional operations such as milling, drilling, angular drilling or thread milling.

  • TNL12

    - Simultaneous and independent working of up to 4 tool carriers for highly productive machining in one clamping
    - 2 independent working levels (patented) ensure absence of collisions
    - Optimum operating ergonomics provided by the work area accessible on both sides
    - Hydraulic hollow clamping cylinders for main spindle and counter spindle
    - Highest precision due to thermal symmetric machine structure
    - Guide bushings freely selectable: fixed, following or programmable

  • TNL20

    - Simultaneous machining with 2, 3 or 4 tools
    - High tool pool for set-up-friendly production
    - Short tool changing times by means of CNC indexing axis in the tool turrets and in the front working attachment
    - Generous and process-reliable work area
    - Intelligent automation through the integrated robot cell iXcenter

  • TNL32

    - Simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools (each tool with variable feed rate) - Clearly structured work area with large axis travels and wide tooling circles - Excellent accessibility through a large sliding cover - Easy changeover between sliding and fixed headstock operation - Very compact machine design with small footprint - Highest precision due to thermal symmetric machine structure - DualDrive: New tool drive system from TRAUB

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