3 Axis
CNC Milling.

3 Axis CNC machining centres still have place in modern manufacturing. Whether a 3 axis milling machine is the right solution for your business depends on a myriad of factors relating to the size of the production run, workpiece properties, accuracy and finish requirements, materials costs, stock holding capabilities, etc. At Kingsbury, we have the knowledge and expertise to analyse all these variables and determine if 3 axis milling is still the most profitable option for you. If so, we can recommend the best machine and provide a turnkey service for installation, set-up and programming. All our 3 axis machines are available with Siemens or Heidenhain controls.

  • C22 V
    C22 V

    A 3 axis machine based on the Hermle C22 U Dynamic. 450-600-330mm traverse.

  • C32 V
    C32 V

    A 3 axis machine based on the Hermle C32 U Dynamic. 650-650-500mm traverse.

  •  C42 V
    C42 V

    A 3 axis machine based on the Hermle C42 U Dynamic. 800-800-550mm traverse.

  • C400 V
    C400 V

    A 3 axis machine based on the Hermle C400 U Dynamic. 850-700-500mm.

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  • Unispeed 5
    Unispeed 5

    Ideal for die & mould production, aerospace and tool construction. 2,000-1,300-1,300mm traverse and orthogonal milling head capable of 64,800 different positions.

  • Unispeed 6
    Unispeed 6

    As the Unispeed 5 with a similar array of features and options.

  • Unispeed 7
    Unispeed 7

    A big machine with a 6,000-1,600-1,300mm travel and the SHW orthogonal milling head. Can be set-up without foundations.

  • Powerspeed 5
    Powerspeed 5

    Travelling column machine for producing large components quickly and precisely. X: 2,000-30,000mm; Y: 1,300-2,600mm; Z: up to 1,300mm.

  • Powerspeed 6
    Powerspeed 6

    Larger and more powerful machine with SHW patented Dynamic Drive. X: 3,000-30,000mm; Y: 2,100-3,100mm; Z: up to 1,500mm.

  • Uniforce 6
    Uniforce 6

    A large travelling column machine for bulky and complex components – extremely flexible and precise. X: 3,000-40,000mm; Y: 1,600-4,100mm; Z: up to 1,600mm.

  • Uniforce 7 & 8
    Uniforce 7 & 8

    State-of-the art-machining centre for the most demanding parts and materials. X: 8,000-40,000mm; Y: 3,100-5,100mm; Z: up to 1,800mm. Unispeed 8 offers increased Y axis travel to 6,100mm.

  • Powerforce 8
    Powerforce 8

    Power and precision combined. The Powerforce 8 features the SHW orthogonal head and continuous positioning in the C axis. X: up to 50,000mm; Y: 4,000-8,100mm; Z: up to 2,000mm.

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  • MultiTec Vertical Machining Centre
    MultiTec Vertical Machining Centre

    Compact machining centre with fixed or height-adjustable cross rail and interchangeable spindle unit for maximum flexibility. (Available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine).

  • MasterTec

    Portal machining centre for medium-sized work pieces, available in a range of length, width and height variations and supplied with a fixed or height-adjustable cross rail, integrated rotary table and interchangeable spindle units. Available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.

  • PowerTec Vertical Machining Centre
    PowerTec Vertical Machining Centre

    Large portal machining centre with automatic changing systems for tools and spindle units to meet all applications. Available in a range of sizes in either a table or a gantry design, with a fixed or height-adjustable cross rail and integrated rotary table.

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