5 Axis
CNC Machines

5 axis CNC machining gives manufacturers the capability to produce complex parts in a fraction of the time that they would take using conventional 3 axis CNC machines. These rapid cycle times, plus ease of set-up, accuracy, flexibility and the quality of finish that can be achieved make 5 axis machining perfect for sub-contractors and operators working in hi-tech industries such as aerospace and automotive. In fact, many complex parts such as turbines can only be produced on 5 axis milling machines.

Our range of high quality, German 5 axis CNC milling machines covers all requirements, from compact units capable of producing small medical parts to incredible tolerances, through to huge travelling column machines with 50m in the X axis. Backed up by our programming, set-up and installation expertise, a 5 axis milling machine could revolutionise your productivity.

  • C12 U
    C12 U

    Compact machine offering high precision dynamic processing for parts weighing up to 100Kg in 5 axes simultaneously. Offering a large working area and swivelling range, with additional automation options available to extend the range of applications.

  • C22 U
    C22 U

    Feature rich, high precision 5 axis machine with a range of options. 450-600-330mm traverse. Positional tolerance to 0.008mm for complex medical and aerospace parts.

  • C32 U
    C32 U

    For 5 axis machining of large, complex parts from workpieces weighing up to 1,000kg. 650-650-500mm traverse.

  • C42 U
    C42 U

    Reliable, high-performance machining of large, complex parts. Ideal for aerospace, automotive and other precision industries. 800-800-550mm traverse.

  • C52

    Dynamic machining centre for the economical production of high precision parts, allowing horizontal or vertical turning for 5-sided machining of workpieces weighing up to 2000Kg in 5 axes and turning with A-axis interpolation. Additional automation solutions available to extend the range of applications.

  • C250 U
    C250 U

    Maximum precision thanks to the Hermle swiveling rotary table concept. The machining table has a large worm drive. On the A-axis you can directly access the gearwheel on the table housing.

  • C400 U
    C400 U

    The C400 ‘Basic’ features Hermle’s unique modified gantry design, 850-700-500mm traverse and 15,000/18,000rpm main spindle. All the advantages of Hermle’s innovations.

  • C650 U
    C650 U

    As the newest member of the Hermle Performance-Line, the C 650 sets new standards in terms of the traverse path and load performance. The top speed of the linear rapid traverses is 35 m/min.

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  • MCX

    The latest version of the successful MCX machining centres, with a well-conceived classification into 9 different types with 1,400 to 4,800 mm swing diameter and 1,500 to 20,000 kg payload. Robust sizing and performance, rapid traversing speeds of up to 65 m/min and acceleration to 5 m/s² ensure outstanding dynamics and short downtimes. A top-class machining centre that leaves nothing to be desired.

  • MCT

    The six MCT machining centres are designed specifically for multitasking applications. Milling, drilling, turning – all on one machining centre with high power density thanks to NC-controlled tilting spindle, strong turning tool holder and fast-turning torque table. Integrated horizontal and vertical turning replaces use of multiple additional lathes.

  • MCC

    As a stand-alone machine in 630 pallet format or as part of an interlinked production system. The MCC series consequently expands the lower end of the BW range. The new compact machine combines all BW key features: power, accuracy, outstanding stiffness and availability. Whether a horizontal unit with power gear spindle or A-axis for the 5-axis performance. Large bearings and a wide distance between the guide elements offer an outstanding stiffness. With its high torque values the machine is a real workhorse. The result: powerful cutting capacity for the machining of steel, cast iron and titanium.

  • MCR

    The perfect solution for all applications calling for heavy-duty cutting with optimum damping characteristics, coupled with high-precision fine machining. BW offers nine different types with 1,400 to 3,500 mm (option 4,800 mm) workpiece swing diameter and 1,500 to 20,000 kg payload.

  • MCµ

    Machines of the MCµ series are designed for ultimate precision and long-term accuracy. Close to µ accuracy and – as always at BW – not just on the day of commissioning, but over many years of use. The MCµ series is no standard machine trimmed for accuracy. The MCµ is based much more on a fundamentally new concept. Because the final µ is the result of many specific individual measures, such as careful design, best materials, strict production methods and very experienced employees.

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  • Unispeed 5
    Unispeed 5

    Ideal for die & mould production, aerospace and tool construction. 2,000-1,300-1,300mm traverse and orthogonal milling head capable of 64,800 different positions.

  • Unispeed 6
    Unispeed 6

    As the Unispeed 5 with a similar array of features and options.

  • Unispeed 7
    Unispeed 7

    A big machine with a 6,000-1,600-1,300mm travel and the SHW orthogonal milling head. Can be set-up without foundations.

  • Powerspeed 5
    Powerspeed 5

    Travelling column machine for producing large components quickly and precisely. X: 2,000-30,000mm; Y: 1,300-2,600mm; Z: up to 1,300mm.

  • Powerspeed 6
    Powerspeed 6

    Larger and more powerful machine with SHW patented Dynamic Drive. X: 3,000-30,000mm; Y: 2,100-3,100mm; Z: up to 1,500mm.

  • Uniforce 6
    Uniforce 6

    A large travelling column machine for bulky and complex components – extremely flexible and precise. X: 3,000-40,000mm; Y: 1,600-4,100mm; Z: up to 1,600mm.

  • Uniforce 7 & 8
    Uniforce 7 & 8

    State-of-the art-machining centre for the most demanding parts and materials. X: 8,000-40,000mm; Y: 3,100-5,100mm; Z: up to 1,800mm. Unispeed 8 offers increased Y axis travel to 6,100mm.

  • Powerforce 8
    Powerforce 8

    Power and precision combined. The Powerforce 8 features the SHW orthogonal head and continuous positioning in the C axis. X: up to 50,000mm; Y: 4,000-8,100mm; Z: up to 2,000mm.

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  • Taurus

    Designed for larger applications, this machine offers excellent price-performance. Incorporating hydrostatic guide ways as standard in all axes, the Taurus is available with a choice of three control systems and various interchangeable heads. Designed for fast installation and commissioning.

  • MultiTec Vertical Machining Centre
    MultiTec Vertical Machining Centre

    Compact machining centre with fixed or height-adjustable cross rail and interchangeable spindle unit for maximum flexibility. (Available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine).

  • MultiTec Horizontal Machining Centre
    MultiTec Horizontal Machining Centre

    Designed for complex production applications, the horizontal MultiTec is available with the x-axes located in the table or as a floor-type boring mill. Available with 4 + 1 axes or as a 5 axis milling machine.

  • MasterTec

    Portal machining centre for medium-sized work pieces, available in a range of length, width and height variations and supplied with a fixed or height-adjustable cross rail, integrated rotary table and interchangeable spindle units. Available with 3 + 2 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.

  • PowerTec Vertical Machining Centre
    PowerTec Vertical Machining Centre

    Large portal machining centre with automatic changing systems for tools and spindle units to meet all applications. Available in a range of sizes in either a table or a gantry design, with a fixed or height-adjustable cross rail and integrated rotary table.

  • PowerTec Horizontal Machining Centre
    PowerTec Horizontal Machining Centre

    Modern floor-type boring mill with hydrostatic guide ways on all linear and rotating axes and interchangeable spindle units. Available with 4 + 1 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.

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  • FZ42

    High power and high precision for superb finishes on hard materials like titanium, iron and steel thanks to the Zimmerman HP6 milling head. X: up to 50,000mm; Y: 4,000-8,100mm; Z: up to 2,000mm.

  • FZ37

    Designed for high power and excellent price/performance in aerospace, automotive and marine applications. VH20/30 milling heads. X: up to 40,000mm; Y: 2,500–6,000mm; Z: 1,250–3,000mm.

  • FZ33

    For high accuracy and high quality finishes on parts requiring large Z axis. Low moving mass and high stability. VH20/30 milling heads. X: up to 40,000mm; Y: 2,000–6,000mm; Z: 1,250–3,000mm.

  • FZ33 Compact
    FZ33 Compact

    Maximum performance with a minimal footprint. The same high accuracy, high torque heads as the larger machine. X: up to 2,500mm; Y: 3,000mm; Z: 1,250mm.

  • FZ30/35

    Zimmerman’s best-sellers. Choose the F30 for optimum economy with plastics and light alloys, or the F35 for light alloys and stainless steel. X: 3,000–6,000 mm; Y: 2,360–3,360 mm; Z: 1,000 – 1,500 mm.

  • FZ25

    Excellent for large, light workpieces, e.g. styrofoam, resins and plastics. Large working area of X: 40,000mm; Y:6,000mm; Z: 3,000mm

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