Kingsbury machining solutions incorporate the latest controls, software and measuring equipment to meet the fine tolerances and exacting standards necessitated by today’s regulatory requirements. Designed for use in demanding environments where precise cycle times can make the difference between success and failure, our machine tools consistently provide high precision results for small, medium or large production runs.

The latest technology, combined with the experience and industry know-how offered by our principals Hermle, Index and Traub ensures our solutions conform fully to the geometry, precision and material integrity required in machining specialist medical parts.

Our capabilities:

Our high precision machines are used to address a range of medical requirements, including the manufacture of bone screws, dental implants, prosthetics and more. With the introduction of grinding machines to our range, we are able to offer the superior accuracy and surface finish required in producing for example, hip joints, knees and femoral stems, where grinding is fast becoming the technology of choice.

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